Lana Del Rey Drops ‘Tropico’ Trailer, Sets December Release Date

Lana Del Rey recently dropped the first official trailer for her upcoming short film Tropico. The flick will reportedly debut online next month.

If you don’t like what you see in the embedded clip, then feel free to point the finger of blame at director Harmony Korine and Spring Breakers. The singer’s upcoming “passion project” appears to take several cues from the filmmaker’s dubstep-soaked crime thriller.

According to the folks at Billboard, Tropico finds Lana Del Rey venturing into a world filled with crime, strippers, neon, and slow motion shots of people doing “cool” things in the wilds of Los Angeles. The 30-minute short flick drops on December 5.

Although the singer described Tropico as a “tale of redemption,” The Guardian explains that it’s essentially an extended music video for three of Lana Del Rey’s tunes. The Anthony Mandler-directed movie features the songs “Air,” “Body Electric,” and “Gods and Monsters” from her most recent EP.

Tropico co-star Shaun Ross recently discussed his role in the flick with the folks at Bossip. Judging from the model’s comments, he had a very pleasant experience working on the singer’s short film.

He told the website:

“Working with Lana Del Rey has opened my eyes to a brand new world of thinking when it comes to music. THe way she captures the essence of her thoughts into sound if just amazing. While filming we have had time to bond with one another which was amazing. She is super humble and I am sure the film TROPICO is going to turn heads upside down and not left to right.”

Although Lana Del Rey recently described Tropico as a “farewell project,” the singer said last August that she was working on music for a new album. Unfortunately, she hit a speed bump when some of these new tracks found their way onto the internet.

“I’m writing songs that I really like right now. They’re really low-key and stripped back, all sort of West Coast inspired. The further along I’ve gotten, the more I stay working with like the same four people,” she explained during a interview.

She continued, “Like Dan [Daniel Heath, who co-wrote “Blue Jeans”], who’s not into pop music but rather, a composer for scores and studied under Hans Zimmer. Him and my boyfriend Barrie [Barrie-James O’Neill, of Glasgow folk-rock band Kassidy]. But I want to work with Lou Reed, and I’d like to kind of keep things low-key and cool.”

Do you plan to check out the Lana Del Rey flick Tropico when it drops on December 5?

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