Courtney Stodden Is Dating A 53-Year-Old Former Bush White House Staffer

Courtney Stodden seems to have a thing for older men

Just weeks after announcing her split with 53-year-old husband Doug Stodden, Courtney has moved on to a new man — 53-year-old Edward Lozzi.

The two have been seen together a number of times, but a rep for Courtney Stodden would not confirm if they are in a relationship.

“It’s just innocent fun. It seems like lots of guys have a hard time keeping their hands off of her,” the rep said. “She is enjoying being 19. She deserves it.”

Courtney Stodden was being a typical 19-year-old when she split from husband Doug Hutchinson. The teenager said she “wanted to be free,” and in the wake of the split was seen partying.

“I am feeling good,” she told E! Online. “Obviously any break-up is stressful. We’ve gone through quite a bit as of late, but I am feeling good,” Courtney Stodden explained.

In the past, Edward Lozzi has dated Anna Nicole Smith, and after her tragic death in 2007 spoke very highly of her.

“She was just—just a funny, funny girl, sense of humor that just would blow you away. She was nothing like she’s perceived,” Lozzi told CNN. “She was dumb like a fox, if you know what I mean. She—a lot of that was an act. She was very sharp and witty, with a lot of one-liners.”

“Kissing her was like kissing Marilyn Monroe,” he added. “They have the same mouth. If you ever notice, if you look, you see photographs of her teeth and her lip structure, they’re just like Marilyn. It’s just uncanny.”

It seems a great fit for Courtney Stodden, who in the past has compared herself to Marilyn Monroe.

“Those women were old souls, and I feel like I can connect with them,” she said of Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood stars of old. “We are both old souls and we’re having fun, and being glamorous and flirty.”

The new boyfriend for Courtney Stodden is a PR guru who once worked in the White House under George H.W. Bush.

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