Miley Cyrus Bleaches Eyebrows, Posts Creepy Pictures On Instagram

Miley Cyrus sent her eyebrows packing this week, bleaching them until they are practically invisible and then posting somewhat creepy pictures of her look on Instagram.

The internet seems split on her risky fashion decision. There are plenty of people who think the look is creepy, or just Miley looking for attention now that her twerking controversy has died down.

But, this being Miley Cyrus, some people are looking at it as a trend-setting move, and stylists are already helping others achieve Miley’s no-eyebrows look.

Miley first posted the pictures on Thursday, showing two shots where her eyebrows inexplicably disappeared. On Friday she added another shot where they eyebrows appear gone.

Along with the photo, Miley added the insightful caption: “blonde hurrrrr errrrrrwurrrrr.”

A majority of people seemed down on it. The celebrity news site HollywoodLife conducted a survey that found 90 percent of people didn’t like Miley Cyrus without eyebrows.

But still, the site called in fashion expert Kelley Baker to teach others how to get rid of their eyebrows (temporarily, of course).

Her suggestion:

1. To achieve the bleached look like Miley Cyrus, but on a temporary basis, use a concealer and go lightly over your brows to make them lighter.

2. The concealer will make brows neutral and will allow a colored brow gel to deposit its color.

3. Take a colored (blonde or bronzey) brow gel and brush over the brow.

4. You will now have temporary “bleached” brows.

MTV Buzzworthy writer Jenna Hally Rubenstein was all about Miley’s no-eyebrows look, writing:

“Honestly, we’re not throwing even an ounce of shade at Miley’s new lewk. In fact, we think it takes the BEST kind of chutzpah to bleach your eyebrows! Buuuuuut since Thanksgivukkah is just around the corner, we thought now seemed like the perfect time to gift Miley some brand-new brows! Just in case her forehead gets cold, y’know?”

What do you think of Miley Cyrus without eyebrows?

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