Courtney Love Loses iPhone, Gets It Back Later From New York Times Writer

For anyone else this story would be considerably odd, but since it’s Courtney Love it’s just another day in the life. For those who aren’t aware, a cab in New York City is comparable to a black abyss. Naturally, losing an item in the back of a random New York City cab can be a painful process and may result in some minor PTSD. One thing’s for sure, it can certainly evoke a ton of emotion, but what it usually doesn’t entail is receiving the item back.

Then again, not everyone is Courtney Love. The Hole rocker was out last night in New York City, and for Love that meant ditching the train or a bus in favor of a warm and cozy cab. As you probably guessed, Love left her iPhone in the backseat. Instead of Love’s iPhone being lost forever, an honest man decided to turn it in when he realized just whose iPhone it was.

So who was this man that was so gracious to Courtney Love? It was none other than New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. Bruni explained the situation and minor confusion to New York Magazine:

“It didn’t ring last night, but it rang this morning and I discovered that I couldn’t even answer a call. It was super-locked.”

However, Bruni’s tech savvy assistant solved the case on the identity of the missing phone. Although he couldn’t make a call, his assistant was able to see incoming texts and Instagram notifications, which unmasked the owner to be Courtney Love.

Using social media for the greater good, Frank Bruni tweeted something that he probably thought he would never tweet in his life:

Courtney had some fun with the whole bizarre situation as she tweeted at Frank Bruni. The tweets have now been deleted:

Frank Bruni ended the story with a quip:

Let’s hope he gets that signed copy of “Celebrity Skin.”

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