Jennifer Aniston Topless In ‘We’re The Millers 2’? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Is Jennifer Aniston going topless in the upcoming motion picture We’re the Millers 2? Although a certain publication would have you believe that the actress is all set to bare it all, you probably shouldn’t start holding your breath.

Since the former Friends star stripped down to her underwear in this summer’s raunchy R-rated comedy, many moviegoers have wondered when Aniston is going to take these big screen shenanigans to the next level. According to The National Enquirer, a source reveals that she’s ready to go take it all off for the upcoming sequel.

“If Jen thought there was any chance that she’d be getting pregnant, there’s no way she’d prepare for a project in which she’ll have to strip down. Jen’s completely torn over the prospects of going topless because she’s made $45 million from her ‘America’s Sweetheart’ persona,” one of those conveniently anonymous insiders reportedly dished.

The highly questionable report from the outlet also states that the rumored “topless shot will be from a distance and Jen will be wearing a body stocking or even body art, but she’s also discussed with the studio the possibility of a close-up with her breasts pixilated or covered with a funny blooper motif.”

Should Jennifer Aniston fans start salivating at the very thought of the actress going au naturel for her upcoming role in the We’re the Millers sequel? According to the folks over at Gossip Cop, the follow-up to the comedy isn’t in the works yet.

Since producers aren’t currently hard at work on a sequel, the website points out that it’s difficult for Jennifer Aniston to have these discussions. If the studio is putting together We’re the Millers 2, then the project is so hush-hush that they haven’t publicly announced its existence as of this writing. In short: This is probably just wishful thinking.

The National Enquirer source also discussed Aniston’s desire to have a baby. The insider explained that all attempts to conceive a child naturally have failed, though it’s probably best to treat this rumor as completely unsubstantiated as well.

“The truth is that Jen and Justin have been trying all year to conceive with no luck. She tried every fertility treatment available, which is why she packed on the pounds over the summer and was sporting what some people thought was a baby bump at the New York premiere of ‘We’re the Millers,'” this nameless person told the outlet.

The actress is currently hard at work on Horrible Bosses 2.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Aniston? What do you think about the rumors that she is considering going topless for the unannounced We’re the Millers sequel?

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