Movie Theater Chains AMC and Regal Attack ‘Major Studios’ VOD Plans

Regal and AMC Theaters are two of the largest movie theater chains in the country and they are about to attack movie studios where it hurts the most, their wallets.

With Major studios preparing to offer home-based Videos on Demand (VOD) after 60-days in theaters at a cost of $30 per movie, both chains have vowed to refuse showing movie trailers for those movies, going as far as to refuse showing the movies all together.

Must like the current 30-day delay for Netflix movies, Theaters are worried that possible customers will simply choose to delay seeing a movie so they can rent it for $30 in their home, an amount that could equal a significant savings for larger families who would have to pay for more people to see the movie in theaters.

In an ironic twist, it has been movie studios asking Netflix to extend their movie delays to 30-days to avoid hurting sales of their movies, as they now attempt to hurt movie theaters in a similar fashion.

There’s just one problem with both theaters plans to blacklist VOD planned movies…they simply don’t know which movies will go that route ahead of time.

What do you think about the major studio push for 60-day VOD rentals?

[via LA Times]

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