Draft day decision makers: Dallas Cowboys

I think we all know the story here, when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys it is the Jerry Jones show. Jerry has owned the team from a little over two decades and he remains not only the owner but the President and General Manger as well. I really think Jerry would like to name himself coach if anyone on the planet would accept that. Jason Garrett is the latest victim to take over the role of head coach and if he has little or no say in personnel decisions than this team is destined to fail.

The recent draft record is terrible. The last five Cowboy draft class have netted just six starters. Mike Jenkins is the only recently drafted player to play in the pro bowl and he was simply awful in 2010. This team has got to do a better job not only with their high round picks, but later in the draft as well.

More to the point this team and Jones himself have to realize that each draft takes place in a vacuum. One cannot use a pick one year to try and make up for not taking a certain player in year’s past. That is not the way the NFL Draft works. In the past five years they have made 40 draft picks, but just 20 of them are still with the team. Again only six are starters, simple put that is not good enough.

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