Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon Set To Return To House

Bigg Boss 7 will be getting a big return this week.

Actor Kushal Tandon, who was kicked off the show in late October for his allegedly violent behavior against Andy, will reportedly come back to the house this week.

There has been rampant speculation that Kushal will be returning to Bigg Boss, but it had never been confirmed. On Tuesday the Times of India reported that Kushal’s return is now all set to go.

The actor was reportedly ready to re-enter the house a few weeks ago, but some confusion kept him from returning.

“There have been a lot of reports hinting at simmering issues between Kushal and the host of the show, Salman Khan,” a source said. “Kushal’s quotes were tweaked and were presented in a manner that made it look like the actor was trying to cash in on the controversy. However, that’s not true. Salman is never involved in the entries and exit during the course of the show. His entry is expected to bring the much needed energy inside the house.”

Bigg Boss has been heating up in Tandon’s absence. This week some tension arose during a contest in which the inmates played cops and robbers for the luxury budget task.

Bigg Boss assigned Andy, Sofia, Tanisha, and Aijaz to be thieves while Armaan, Gauhar, Elli and Sangram played the role of the cops. After Armaan caught Andy trying to steal some of his belongings, Armaan tried to put Andy in handcuffs, but accidentally twisted his arm too hard.

Andy responded by yelling at Armaan and accusing him of trying to hurt him. Armaan claimed he was just following the rules of the game.

The argument grew so heated that Bigg Boss had to step in and tell the inmates to take it a bit easier. Armaan also apologized to Andy.

Fans will get to see Kushal Tandon in his expected return to Bigg Boss at 9 pm.

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