Sky Ferreira: Nude Photos Don’t Sell Albums, Americans Too Conservative

According to Sky Ferreira, nude photos and “looking crazy” isn’t what really sells albums. Just don’t tell that to Miley Cyrus, who she happens to be touring with…

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, we all saw Sky Ferreira nude on her newest album cover, leading to the controversy in the first place.

When the debut album, Night Time, My Time, displayed Sky Ferreira topless, eyebrows went up all over the place. But, Sky thinks everyone is overreacting:

“I wasn’t like, ‘OK, I’m going to be nude on my album cover,’ it just kind of happened. We were shooting and we did different shots and he sent me all the shots and that was my favorite one that I think I connected to the most. It was kind of annoying that people say that it was a marketing-type scam, because it wasn’t. It wasn’t to sell records, because you don’t sell records by being nude and looking crazy.”

Sky is actually kind of baffled by this reaction. After all, the actual album cover cuts off right above her breasts (although the leaked photos do not) and Ferreira has posed completely nude in the past for AnOther Man magazine. If it weren’t for the psychedelic photo effects, everyone would have seen everything, not just her bared chest.

So, it’s with no surprise that Sky states Americans are being prudes:

“I don’t find nudity that big of a deal. I feel like maybe if America was a little less conservative about that — because when you do see something sexy, it’s so overly Photoshopped and stuff like that — maybe there’d be less eating disorders and stuff.”

Despite the opinion of Sky Ferreira, there’s been something of a backlash against all the female nudity being put on display as overwhelming marketing ploys by pop stars and Hollywood celebs. Sky agrees, saying “sexism” is “kind of like a theme right now in pop music right now, isn’t it?”

But, other female stars might disagree with Sky over nudity. For example, Melissa Joan Hart rejected a $1 million Playboy offer and says Miley Cyrus is putting too much out there. Avril Lavigne said nude photos of her are unlikely since she prefers her own fashion and doesn’t want to use sex to further her career.

Miley Cyrus even admitted her naked romp in the Wrecking Ball video and the twerking at the VMAs is all part of a long term business strategy. Sinead O’Connor tried warning Miley Cyrus that the music industry was “prostituting” her for money. But Miley did not heed the advice and instead lashed out, causing O’Connor to threaten a lawsuit.

Such behavior even has pop star Katy Perry saying nudity has gone too far:

“I’m not talking about anyone in particular. I’m talking about all of them. I mean, it’s like everybody’s so naked. It’s like put it away. We know you’ve got it. I got it too…. I’m just saying sometimes it’s nice to play that card but also it’s nice to play other cards. And I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don’t always have to use that card.”

Do you think Sky Ferreira’s nude album cover for Night Time, My Time went too far? Do you believe celebrity nudity is getting out of control?

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