Sunny Deol Nearly Fights Producer Over Unpaid Acting Fees

Sunny Deol isn’t too diplomatic when it comes to unpaid money.

The actor got into a heated argument with producer Mahendra Dhariwal over an uncompleted film, Bhaiyyaji Superhit. Dhariwal was reportedly trying to stiff Sunny Deol on his acting fees, but Sunny didn’t take too well to the idea.

Sunny then said he wouldn’t finish dubbing the film unless he was paid in full.

“If you sign a senior actor like Sunny, you should be professional about payments. Dhariwal is making Sunny run round in circles,” a source told the Times of India.

Sunny also threatened to release the film under his own banner, Vijeta Films, unless he was given what he was owed.

Dhariwal consulted with action director Tinu Verma, who advised that he pay Sunny what he was due and complete the film.

“It is okay. We have sorted out the matter now,” Mahendra Dhariwal said.

The Bollywood veteran actor has commented recently on the changing nature of his industry. He said marketing of movies is now the most important aspect, not their actual content.

“Earlier films had content, but these days films lack content. At times people say they didn’t like a film, but that film ends up making money. Bahut hi ajeeb daur chal raha hai (It’s a very strange phase for the industry),” the Ghayal and Damini actor told IANS.

Sunny Deol agreed that nowadays, publicity is what can make or break a film.

“This is the reality. If you don’t talk about your film, you will not get to know about it,” he said.

Sunny has gone all out in promoting his newest film, Singh Saab The Great and he has decided to promote the film and also enjoy the process. He said he made a real connection to the film and its message of finding change within yourself.

“So, I thought why not bring a change in myself first. In today’s time, it is important to reach out to the audience. So we have to do promotions. So, why not enjoy the whole process? I thought, let’s have fun. I have learned over the years that if it is important, go ahead with it,” he said.

Sunny Deol can be seen in Singh Saab The Great, which will be released on Friday.

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