Keanu Reeves: ‘Bill And Ted 3’ Will Be Excellent, Cowboy Bepop Not So Much

Keanu Reeves’ Bill And Ted 3 plans are said to be “excellent” (insert guitar riff), although a live action Cowboy Bepop may be way too gnarly a price (bogus!).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Keanu Reeves is being featured in 47 Ronin, a film claimed to be based on a real Japanese story.

Back in September, Keanu Reeves revealed that Bill And Ted 3 might not actually happen. It turns out the film is awaiting a rewrite from the writers and they still haven’t even received financing for the film. In short order, Reeves says, “We don’t have a director, we don’t have any money, so we’re trying to get a script.”

But Keanu Reeves says he’s still 100 percent on board for the project:

“Absolutely. But it still has to come together. It has to find the right producer and director. I think they’ve created a story that is fun and funny and would be very surreal for me to play, so if everything comes together the right way it could be fun.”

Keanu Reeves’s Ted character is one of those roles he’d love to return to, along with John Constantine. He says the Bill and Ted movies “were great times to make and close to my heart and I loved those stories. That’s what you want to do, you want to participate in the story and people enjoy it and embrace it and get something out of it.”

Unfortunately, hopes of doing a live action version of the anime series Cowboy Bepop is unlikely to happen:

“Cowboy Bebop does not look like it is going to happen with me in it. The script that was written was great and amazing, but it would cost like half a billion dollars to make it…I wished and hoped I would have done that project.”

What movie featuring Keanu Reeves are you most looking forward to?

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