Robin Thicke Had Affair With Britney Spears [Rumor]

Did Robin Thicke have an affair with Britney Spears? According to rumors, he just may have.

While it might not have happened recently, Robin Thicke was desperate to get to the top of the pop music industry a while back, and was allegedly willing to do anything to make it happen. Back then, Britney Spears was at the top herself, and while Robin Thicke was married even back then, something may have gone down between them. Robin Thicke may have successfully gotten on top, but not the way he expected, yet.

Britney Spears had just broken up with N’Sync alumni Justin Timberlake back then, and may have been heading into her downward spiral of fried chicken and weight gain. She may have been just as desperate as he was, and the two allegedly hooked up.

Robin Thicke’s affair allegedly blurred the lines of his marriage so long ago that when Miley Cyrus had her twerking escapade in front of millions at the VMAs, his wife didn’t bat an eye. If the rumors are true, Paula Patton had seen it all before, and Miley Cyrus was only a momentary public fantasy for him.

The rumor began when a source stated:

“The pair had a fling in 2003, when Britney was at the top of her game and Robin was trying to get recognized. He was trying hard to develop a reputation as a hot, young singer, and (Britney) was the biggest thing in show business.”

If this is true, the project they were working on apparently never happened because they were allegedly too distracted to get anything done in the studio.

To his credit, Robin Thicke’s affair has been denied by his reps, but until we hear it from either him or pop culture icon Britney Spears, the rumor will continue to spread. Could it be true that Britney Spears really wasn’t “that innocent” back in her prime? Could Paula Patton have known all along and simply kept it a secret?

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