Faith Hill And Tim McGraw: Done Having Kids But Deny Divorce Rumors

Faith Hill and country singer husband Tim McGraw have once again brushed off divorce rumors which surfaced in the tabloid press recently. It was alleged that the couple’s 17-year marriage is on the rocks.

The couple told reporters, before they performed a double header of shows on Friday in Las Vegas, that they had outlasted divorce rumors which started in their first week of marriage:

“I wish people would stop buying that stuff, and I wish they’d just stop printing that stuff. Happy is good. I don’t know why happy can’t be a story.” Faith Hill said cynically referring to the tabloid press.

Hill spoke about the effect her husband has on her as well as her love and respect for him: “He has this charisma and this unexplainable presence. It’s magnetic, and it’s incredible. I just feel like an amateur every single night.”

For his part Tim McGraw also extolled the virtues of his loving wife, saying about her: “She walks out and just opens her mouth and it comes out so beautifully and soulfully. That’s what keeps me on my toes.”

The couple’s amazing chemistry was abundantly clear as they sat opposite each other performing the hit I Need You with hands on opposite sides of the same microphone and their other hands on each other’s knees.

Faith Hill spoke about the fact their latest string of shows will be ending shortly: “I think this will probably be it. It’s increasingly more difficult with the high school thing. You’ve just got to be there.”

What do you think about the divorce rumors which have plagued Faith Hill and Tim McGraw during their nearly two decades of marriage? Do you think there’s no smoke without fire or do you think that the tabloid press will stop at nothing to make a story where there isn’t one? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments feed below.

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