Draft day decision makers: Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns will turn to Mike Holmgren one again to make the final decision on draft day. While Tom Heckert is listed as the team’s General Manager, but Holmgren has the final word on draft day decisions. New Head Coach Pat Shurmur will likely also have a seat at the table. Holmgren has a long history of personnel decisions, but had a very mixed record with the Seattle Seahawks. So far he has done very well handling personnel decisions for the Browns.

His 2010 draft class looks better each and every day. He found two studs for his defensive secondary, and likely the future franchise QB for this team. Now he and his team have to buckle down and find the rest of the pieces that this team will need to be contenders once again. Finding Colt McCoy in the third round of last years draft ends a long history of this team whiffing on picks at the QB position. Let us not forget Tim Couch and Brady Quinn still rank among this team all time draft busts.

In truth since returning to the NFL the Browns have done a pretty poor job on draft day. Over the past five years they have made 38 draft picks and 16 of them are still with the team. Of them only one has made the Pro Bowl, and 8 of them are starters. Another 8 are out of the NFL completely and 13 more currently work for other teams. Not a great record.

One thing that we do know about this team is Holmgren and Heckert will not hesitate to move up or down to get the player they want. They are very aggressive on draft day using trades to manipulate their draft position.

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