Big Brother Is Watching What You Do With Your Smartphone

Big Brother is watching and you might not even know it. If you live in certain big cities, your movements can be tracked using just your smartphone signal.

Most smartphones try to “browbeat” you into leaving your Wi-Fi on because it makes Google Navigator and GPS services much more accurate. Wi-Fi is also the default mode your phone uses to update its software. You might even use apps like FourSquare to earn discounts on meals and such, but what you might not know is that same signal is being used to track your every movement. A new technology created by Navizon is making it even easier.

Major cities like Seattle, Washington, have already implemented this system, creating what is basically a wireless grid that pinpoints where you are at all times, as long as you have your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with you and the Wi-Fi turned on. This could be seen as a positive in law enforcement, allowing fugitives to be tracked likewise.

The flaw is that it depends on a couple of facts.

You have to have your device with you and the Wi-Fi turned on. If these conditions are met, Big Brother is watching you.

If you’re doing what you should, you have nothing to really worry about. Just be aware that wherever you go with that handy device of yours, whoever is watching the grid is aware of it. If it bugs you, simply turn off the Wi-Fi receiver if you’re not using it. You’ll be offline with everything but smartphones, but if you’re not using it, you won’t be tracked as easily.

There are some states, however, which already use RFID chips in driver’s licenses to track you anyway, and a new GPS tracking bullet is being tested and used to reduce the need for car chases in metropolitan areas. In these cases, having a Wi-Fi enabled device on you won’t make that much difference.

Big Brother is watching, and your smartphone, laptop, or tablet is only making it easier.

[image via, Google Maps]

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