Justin Bieber (feat. R. Kelly) ‘PYD’ Single Shuts It Down [Listen]

Justin Bieber releases “PYD feat. R. Kelly,” his first collaborative song and seventh single from his “Music Mondays” series.

And it’s hot.

Which is exactly how R&B legend Kelly described his pair-up with the 19-year-old to Vibe this past week.

“I just did a song [with him],” the 46-year-old revealed. “[Justin] just called me to do a song and it’s hot. He wanted to go and do some R&B stuff so we got together and did that.”

Released in a few territories before midnight in the US, including New Zealand and Norway, “PYD” (Put You Down) was already streaming at several portals before it hit iTunes at midnight.

Bieber took to Twitter a few times before the drop hyping fans to “get ready”.

“Here It is. #PYD featuring @rkelly (sic),” he tweeted when the song finally premiered, including its iTunes link.

Previously we mused a musical meet between the Black Panties veteran and the Canadian would produce either an ultra romantic ode à la Michael Jackson (it didn’t), or balls-out baby making music (which it did). In the end, the duo delivered a location-fixated, erotic slow-jam.

Virtually leaking pheromones, Bieber chants “PYD” over aqueous keyboard pads and a hypnotic, hollow beat before a chorus preview in the intro promises, “I’ma put you down / I’ma put you down / All the way down oh.”

Detailing exactly how and where, the teen star sings in the verse,

“From the door to the wall, coffee table, Girl get ready / I’ma put you down All the way down / From the stove to the countertop, dining room table are you ready?/ I’ma put you down All the way down / Up the stairs to my bedroom, light a few candles, prepare yourself / I’ma put you down All the way down / On a plane, a train, an automobile doesn’t matter / I’ma put you down All The Way Down.”

Justin continues:

“And it don’t make no sense to be there babe / I’ma take it down on you babe / Put you down / This will show you how much I love you / A form of appreciation / I’ma put you down / Oh cos you deserve the best and nothing but the best so I’ll give you the best you’ve ever had / I’ma put you down, I’ma put you down.”

Enter Kelly, suggesting, “On the roof, balcony, we don’t care who sees, Girl, I’ma put you down, All the way down,” before moving onto “I can tell your body ain’t been touched the right way,” and “be your dope man in the bedroom you can make me your drug.”

Bieber returns at 4:22 minutes into the 5.17 song, and the two harmonize around a looping chorus. In short, it’s R&B marmite. Listeners will either love the minimal, intense atmosphere, or not.

Bieber shot a video for his second Music Mondays single “All That Matters” on Sunday, which may explain why the song’s description is simply “PYD PYD PYD (sic).”

The singer has consistently rolled out emotionally direct, mature reflections in his 10-song series, and this latest is one of his strongest offerings yet. While each is so different, we suspect personal favorites for many among “Heartbreaker,” “All That Matters,” “Hold Tight,” “Recovery,” “Bad Day,” and “All Bad” vary enormously.

Bottom line? “PYD” delivers. To view full lyrics click here.

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