‘Breaking Bad’ Alternate Ending Features Surprising, Hilarious Twist [Video]

Fans of Breaking Bad will be pleased to hear that an alternate ending has leaked. It features Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston reprising their roles as Lois and Hal from Malcolm In The Middle, as reported by Daily Beast. Those who followed the series and read online theories about the ending will be pleased to see what was perhaps the most outlandish of them come to life.

Many theories flew during the last weeks of Breaking Bad. What do the colors mean? What’s going to happen to Jesse and Skyler? The new alternate ending is a mix of the two worst theories: Is the whole thing just Walt’s hallucination or dream? Is Breaking Bad merely a prequel to Fox’s family comedy series, Malcolm In The Middle?

The included clip shows Cranston as his character from Malcolm In The Middle, Hal, bursting awake in the middle of the night. Kaczmarek, as Lois, wakes up to lecture Hal for eating some deep-fried Twinkies against her advice. Shaken by what must have been the most terrifying dream ever, Hal describes being a world-class meth cook and kingpin. Lois laughs, “You? Cook anything?”

Cranston, as Hal, continues to recall a scattering of Breaking Bad details. An old man who rings a bell, a guy who seems to dress in his older brother’s clothes and prefers the “b-word a lot,” and an affinity for black hats.

The humorous Malcolm In The Middle reunion was likely set in motion after Jane Kaczmarek took her 13-year-old son to the Breaking Bad set. As Huffington Post reports, the sighting caused rumors to fly about a possible cameo for Kaczmarek. However, it was her son, George, who got to do a small cameo as an extra in a scene shot at Los Polls Hermanos.

Definitely do yourself a favor and watch the hilarious and somewhat creepy Breaking Bad alternate ending before it disappears!

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