Dez Bryant: PS4 Purchase For Walmart Customers Altruistic Or Self-Serving?

Dez Bryant partakes in the holiday spirit by buying a PS4 for customers waiting in line at Walmart. Although, considering all the PS4 glitches, maybe he should have gone with a Xbox One preorder

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dez Bryant faced fines by the NFL after a throat slashing gesture during a game.

So now Dez is updating his “image” with an spontaneous act of kindness. The NFL wide receiver was waiting in line Thursday for the PlayStation 4 midnight release. While in line, he decided to purchase the game system for the other five people in line with him.

The PS4 system costs $399, and while buying five extra might not exactly tax his wallet, the people on the receiving end were no doubt very grateful. One of the recipients gave a shout out to the Man Upstairs, proclaiming “God is soooooo good!!!!!!”

A friend of one lucky PS4 recipient tweeted accolades for Dez:

Dez Bryant appeared to not care about receiving accolades but was solely interested in helping out some fellow gamers. Bryant has been caught bragging he’s the “world’s best Madden video game player on PlayStation” and has challenged fans and teammates to games.

Another fan named Ben Freeman commented on the news:

“Holy cr@p, Dez Bryant is cool… just bought a bunch of people PS4s, wish I was there, lol!”

I am with you Ben Freeman, I am with you…

So what do you think, is Dez Bryant just hunting some good PR or was he just feeling altruistic?

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