Ronnie Spector On Kanye West: He’s A D***

Kanye West certainly has his fans, but there’s also a large section of the population that thinks the guy kind of a jerk. You can add Ronnie Spector to that list.

However, the former Ronettes frontwoman doesn’t have anything negative to say about the rapper’s wife-to-be Kim Kardashian. For the moment, she just seems to have an issue with West and the way “he speaks.” Spector recently shared these feelings about the rapper with the world during an interview with Noisey.

“I am not a fan of Kanye West. I don’t mind Kim, but I just don’t like that guy. I’m not a fan of how he speaks. He’s a d***. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I’m just being honest,” Spector explained to the publication.

Although the singer doesn’t enjoy West’s music, she apparently doesn’t have a problem with Eminem.

Spector continued:

“I like something I can understand. I understand his lyrics, but I like the beat. I’m still cool. Me, personally, I like what I do. My songs, their stories are innocent and real. I’m a lyricist, so if I don’t understand lyrics, I can’t listen to a song. It’s very difficult for me to listen to something I don’t understand and I don’t like instrumentals.”

Ronnie Spector isn’t the only musician who doesn’t care for the rapper or his music. Earlier this year, electronic artist Deadmau5 decided to jump on the “We Hate Kanye West” bandwagon. When Idolator asked the outspoken DJ which rapper he’d love to collaborate with down the road, he offered up this tidbit of West-related hate.

“Anyone other than f***ing Kanye. I f***ing hate him. He’s just trying too hard. I’m not trying. I mean it… I just don’t give a f*** about pretty much anything. I tell it the way it is, sometimes more often than I should, and that is detrimental,” he explained.

According to a recent report by the folks at InTouch, apparently there’s a little trouble brewing between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as well. The publication claims the two are currently living in separate houses, though it’s often hard to take anything they say as gospel. In short: Don’t put too much stock into this particular rumor.

“There’s too much chaos at Kris’ house for Kanye. Kanye is working all of the time… Kanye will come over to Kris’ for a few hours, but then goes back to his place,” a conveniently anonymous source told the magazine. Once again, take this one with a grain of salt.

Are you surprised that so many people seem to hate Kanye West these days?

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