Blue Eyes By Honey Singh: Is It The Next Gangnam Style?

The song “Blue Eyes” has given rapper Honey Singh a huge international hit, and now the song is getting some lofty comparisons.

Critics have noted the similarities between Honey Singh’s rap song and last year’s viral sensation “Gangnam Style” by Korean rapper Psy. Both have racked up the views on YouTube, and both rappers have found success well beyond their home nations.

“Blue Eyes” was released by Honey Singh on November 8, and within days the YouTube video shot to more than 2 million views. It’s gotten another 3 million more since then, averaging close to half a million views a day.

“Yo Yo” Honey Singh and Psy have been compared in the past. Last year, YouTube revealed that the two rappers had the top two most-watched videos in India for 2012. Honey Singh actually beat out Psy, with his hit song “Brown Rang” racking up views by the million.

The release credited Honey Singh with helping to spark a YouTube revolution in India.

“We’re beginning to see amateur filmmakers and video enthusiasts exploring their talent on YouTube in India,” said the report.

The exponential growth of internet users in India could propel Honey Singh even further in coming years. India ended 2012 with 150 million internet users, and by the end of 2014 will have 300 million users.

Honey Singh has already seen a wave of media attention for his hit, both inside India and internationally.

On “Blue Eyes,” Honey Singh raps the verses while long-term collaborator Lil Gollu sings the chorus. The music video also features dance sequences choreographed by Atul and Karan.

There were rumors that actress Chitrangada Singh was the inspiration for “Blue Eyes” but Honey Singh denied it, saying on Facebook: “My new single is inspired by an imagination of Brown girl with blue eyes not any actress or any existing girl. That’s 4 real – Much love n respect YoYo”

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