‘The Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Discusses The Evolution Of Glenn

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun recently discussed where his character Glenn Rhee is headed this season and how he’s changed since his first appearance on the program.

Although he’s faced zombies, deadly viruses, and one-eyed villains, Glenn managed to survive it all. Since the character has seen all sorts of nastiness since the first season, he’s undergone a bit of a transformation. Glenn has matured over the course of four seasons, though Yeun hopes he will maintain his sense of humor going forward.

“I think earlier on in the first season, and the second season a bit, Glenn had that. But I think that as things wear on him, and as Glenn started having more things to care about and protect, he became a little darker. But I think that part of him still exists and hope it will come out sooner or later,” he explained during a recent Q&A with the folks at AMC.

The Walking Dead star continued, “I knew that going in that Glenn was going to be a little more careful. All the things that he’s suffered for and learned for his mistakes for. He wants to really keep and cherish the idea of family, and keeping those around him that he loves. Scott [Gimple] told me that was the direction Glenn was headed. But there were some surprises in terms of how feeble he was in his attempts to do so.”

Yeun said Glenn’s ability to survive all of the grisly obstacles The Walking Dead producers throw his way is based on the character’s resilience. No matter how many times the guy gets knocked down, he keeps getting back up.

The actor explained that separating Glenn’s challenges from the real world is often difficult. Since the hit AMC series is so genuinely intense, sometimes the depressing elements contained in numerous Walking Dead episodes can spill over into his daily life.

Yeun explained:

“This show is really intense in that we’re living out these characters’ lives. So you just kind of live out really terrible situations that hit really close to home, so last year with what Glenn was going through, it was hard to not fall into his pit of despair and depression and keep my composure. I think that’s your job to kind of separate the two, so you don’t go insane.”

Fans of The Walking Dead can see what’s in store for Steven Yeun and Glenn this Sunday. The new episode premieres at 9 pm ET on AMC.

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