Rob Gronkowski Racist? New England Patriots Player Mocks Asian Man

Is Rob Gronkowski racist? Some websites are already claiming enough is enough with the New England Patriots player.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rob Gronkowski has a 6-year, $54 million contract with the Patriots.

The NFL player is one of the highest paid tight ends in history. Although he’s suffered multiple injuries this past year he’s still well known for his performance on the football field. But it’s his recent activities off the field that have landed him square in the spotlights again.

The story goes that Rob Gronkowski was part of a question and answer event at a bar when people started dancing. One of these people was an Asian man wearing a Gronkowski NFL jersey.

But when Gronkowski was handed the microphone he called the dancing man “Leslie Chow” after the Asian character in the Hangover movie series. But the racial joke one went one step further:

“They told me he could only cook fried rice.”

Whether you think that’s offensive or not someone at the event must have decided Rob Gronkowski went too far since everyone was immediately reminded that they had signed a waiver to give up their cell phones at the end of the night. (It’s possible this was a joke, as well.) But footage of Rob Gronkowski’s racist comment still managed to leak out, regardless.

Rob Gronkowski isn’t a stranger to controversy. He’s had photos of him with a porn star show up in Twitter feeds, posed nude in magazines, and he’s also been spotted partying shortly after injuring himself in Patriots games. (Although, to be fair, Barry Sanders argues that players should decide when to leave the field after being injured instead of doctors, as is now the case nowadays.)

Some reports are calling Rob Gronkowski a “unrepentant wild child” whose “boorish behavior” is only an embarassment to the Patriots. There’s even a claim that Patriots management has asked Gronkowski to tone his behavior down (wouldn’t have to do that with Tim Tebow if he’d agreed to be a tight end). It’s argued that if Gronkowski “continues his troubling trend of getting himself in the news for the wrong reasons, the team should start discussing punitive measures to get him to take his responsibilities more seriously.”

What do you think? Is Rob Gronkowski racist or are people being too sensitive and politically correct?

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