‘Temple Run’ Movie In The Works Courtesy Of Warner Bros

A movie based on the hit mobile game Temple Run is in the works at Warner Bros.

Anyone who’s ever played the title knows that it doesn’t contain the greatest story ever conceived by man. In short: You play an explorer who is endlessly pursued by bizarre monkeys after stealing a relic from an ancient temple. The point of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible while jumping over pits and dodging obstacles.

According to the Guardian, this premise contains enough meat for Warner Bros. and Harry Potter producer David Heyman to seriously consider making Temple Run into a feature-length motion picture.

So what’s the movie about? The studio claims the big-screen adaptation follows an explorer who swipes an idol from a temple somewhere far away from the civilized world. Since this sort of behavior usually has consequences, he’s eventually chased down by demonic forces. It’s essentially the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark stretched into a full movie.

Worst Previews explains that producers are currently looking for someone to pen the script for the Temple Run movie. No one is currently attached to direct the project as of this writing. It’s also unclear when the studio hopes to have the project up and running.

Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to transforming video games into movies. While they have their fans, Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, and Double Dragon aren’t exactly very good translations of their interactive counterparts.

However, this isn’t stopping producers from mining the medium for material. The Inquisitr previously reported that a big-screen version of Angry Birds is in the works. Since that game has very iconic characters, this IP stands the best chance for box office success.

Considering the number of downloads the games have enjoyed, it’s not surprising that a major studio would want to cash in on the popularity. According to Touch Arcade, Temple Run 2 enjoyed a staggering 50 million downloads during its first two weeks of release.

The team responsible for creating the game was recently approached by Warner Bros. and Disney to develop Temple Run-style games centered around Oz the Great and Powerful and Brave. The title also inspired a number of imitators and knock-offs, though none of them are nearly as enjoyable as the original.

What do you think about the upcoming adaptation of Temple Run? Do you think the popular mobile game will make a fantastic motion picture?

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