Oscar The Grouch And Grumpy Cat Face Off In An Epic Grouch-Off

Sesame Street’s, Oscar the Grouch comes face to face with the internet-famous Grumpy Cat in an epic face-off brought to us by Mashable! These two are both known for their grouchy attitudes, so it was only a matter of time before they met to settle who was the grumpiest of all.

Oscar the Grouch seems to be claiming that he is the ultimate grouch by saying that he taught Grumpy Cat all she knows about the art of being grumpy. But of course, Grumpy Cat won’t take that laying down! Umm, figuratively speaking, of course. As Oscar claims that he is the master, Grumpy Cat begs to differ by coming back with the famous line, “Now the student becomes the master.”

Well, of course the beloved grouch can’t let that one slide, and Grumpy Cat is forced to issue a throw-down: Grump VS Grouch! And from there a good 30 second face-off takes off! For a few moments, it looks like Oscar could win it, but then Grumpy Cat comes back with her famous Grumpy look, forcing Oscar to give in and say that they should call it a tie!

Now, in my book, that means Oscar forfeited, and that would make Grumpy Cat the reigning champion. But when Oscar asks to call it a draw, Grumpy Cat just replies with, “Now get out of here, grouch potato.”

Video viewers jumped right on in leaving comments that read “My life is complete” and “Let the games begin!” Of course there is some debate amongst viewers as to who really won the ultimate grouch off. One viewer commented saying that “grumpy cat wins on nostril flaring capabilities alone.” Another wrote, “Sesame Street wins the internet. Again.”

What do you guys think? Which grump won this battle? I think this isn’t going to be the last we see of these two most famous grouches.

[Image via Mashable]

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