Globetrotter Dunk: Basket Destroyed, Player Avoids Crushed Skull [Watch]

William “Bull” Bullard, who plays for the Harlem Globetrotters, narrowly avoided serious injury after a spectacular slam dunk which went wrong.

Bullard managed to totally destroy the basketball hoop in the Globetrotter’s game against Honduras. He also nearly had his skull crushed by the falling backboard.

Bullard performed the heart stopping Globetrotter dunk at the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa. As he connected with the basket and hoop it came crashing to the court, missing his head by inches.

The Globetrotter spoke to the Daily News about the dunk: “When I dunk, I put my feet on the backboard, put the ball through my legs and dunk it again, so that’s the motion I was going with,” he said.

Then continued: “By the time I realized that the rim was coming down, it was too late, and it crashed down on me.”

The hardwood court was showered with thousands of glass shards from the backboard which was hit with some force by the player, as you can see in the video clip in this article.

Bullard was injured in the Globetrotter dunk, as can be seen by the blood on the court. He received a nasty cut above his eye and a dislocated shoulder which was popped back in by medics.

His injuries weren’t too serious, and even though he wasn’t able to finish the game he was able to sit it out on the sidelines. Bullard said to reporters:

“My main thing was to get up … get cleaned up, come back out and wave to them and show them I was good. It was a nice crowd.” he said.

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