Kellie Pickler Just Found Out What Twerking Means

Kellie Pickler has been busy recording and now promoting her newest album, so the country singer can be excused for not keeping up to date on all the latest dance crazes.

This week Pickler has been doing the promotional rounds for her new album, The Woman I Am, which was released in stores on Monday.

In an interview with E! News, Kellie said she caught the big controversy that Miley Cyrus generated during her MTV Video Music Awards performance, but revealed that she had no idea what twerking actually means.

At the award show, Miley rubbed up against singer Robin Thicke and engaged in the suggestive form of fast booty shaking known as twerking.

“Well, I know everybody’s talking about the twerking,” Pickler told E! News. “I don’t know how to do that, I just found out what it is the other day.”

Instead, Kellie has been focused on churning out her fourth studio album. On this one she worked closely with her husband Kyle, who co-wrote the title track with Kellie.

“It’s great, because first of all, he’s an amazing songwriter. He’s a great husband, too, so it’s neat that we get to put our passion for country music together and write,” she said.

Kellie said the album will show her musical growth in her post-American Idol career.

She did say American Idol had some good points, calling it a form of “musical boot camp” that teaches artists what they will go through with recording and touring. But overall the show does not allow artists to show their full range, Pickler said.

“With American Idol, you develop backward as an artist because it’s more like a karaoke show where you’re singing cover songs from different genres that don’t necessarily fit you as an artist,” she told Newsday.

Kellie Pickler has seven tour dates in the next three weeks, and then nothing on her schedule until March. That gives her plenty of time to learn about twerking.

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