Katey Sagal Releases New Album, But Pines For Futurama Return

Katey Sagal has a hit show in Sons of Anarchy and now a new album, but the 59-year-old actress could have something even bigger on the horizon.

Sagal made news this week when she released a 10-track collection of cover songs, appropriately titled Covered. A longtime singer who has worked with Bob Dylan, Tanya Tucker, and Bette Middler during her career, Sagal told Billboard that “writers’ block and a real busy schedule” kept her out of the music studio for an extended period.

Her last album, Room, was released in 2004.

“I’ve been trying to write, but I realized that I like the process of recording song and finding songs. It kind of came out of necessity of wanting to get to it. I couldn’t wait on myself anymore,” she said.

It makes sense that she would be busy. After all, Katey Sagal is going into her sixth season of the hit show Sons of Anarchy.

Now her singing and acting work will get a chance to merge. Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter told Rolling Stone that he plans to use her cover of Jackson Browne’s “For a Dancer” in the show.

“I love using Katey’s songs on the show,” Sutter said. “We usually have her cover something, but this season, her cover of ‘For a Dancer’ was a perfect fit for the opening montage in Episode 610 — sweet, sad and prophetic.”

While her live action acting and music are popular, Katey Sagal could soon be returning to a certain fan favorite animated hit — Futurama.

The show, which was already canceled once by Fox and then revived by Comedy Central, aired its series finale in September.

But Katey Sagal, who played the one-eyed Leela for all seven seasons of the show, told Assignment X that she was rooting for Futurama to make another comeback.

“[Series creator Matt Groening] promised me at Comic-Con that something would happen. Because we love each other, all of us, and we’ve been canceled three times, I think, and we’ve moved from network to network. So this is the first time we actually looked serious – they actually did it,” she said.

“So I have faith that something will rise again – I believe Matt. We have a huge fan base. It really is the fans that got it to continue this long.”

Futurama fans would certainly hope Katey Sagal is right.

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