Kate Beckinsale Can’t Drive, Must Learn For Amanda Knox Movie ‘Face Of An Angel’

Kate Beckinsale can’t drive. For real. But Beckinsale’s The Face Of An Angel role in the Amanda Knox movie has driving scenes. Perhaps she’ll wish she was a nigh invincible undead vampire for real?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors claimed Kate Beckinsale pregnant again, although the star is apparently going back and forth in her mind on what she should do before her “ovaries dry up and die.”

The film is based on the book Angel Face by Barbie Latza Nadeau, which is an account of the Amanda Knox story. Press releases say it’s “hard to reconcile the fresh-faced honor student from Seattle with the sexually rapacious killer convicted of the November 2007 murder of her British roommate.” It will discuss the “powerful evidence that convinced a jury that Knox was one of three people to sexually assault Meredith Kercher, brutalize her body, and cut her throat.”

The role played by Kate Beckinsale is described as a “a sort of Virgil, a guide who leads the director through this dark world.” The actress at one point “had quite a strong opinion” about the Amanda Knox case, but all the reading she has done has changed her views to be more “opaque.” The Face Of An Angel will also not directly be about Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher. As such, Kate says it’s “certainly not a judgement of innocence or guilt – it’s more about the people who created the media circus surrounding the case.”

But, apparently Beckinsale will be playing as a journalist investigating the case who actually knows how to drive. And that’s a problem:

“I can’t actually drive, but then I got a call from my manager to say ‘can you learn to drive in the next four days? I don’t think it would be a very good idea – I’d probably end up killing myself and others, especially in Rome. Maybe if it was Arkansas or somewhere it would be less daunting. My parents have a place in Umbria and it took my mother about seven years to summon up the courage to drive from the airport to our house.”

Old reports claim she’s flunked out on driver’s tests and has reached the point where she refuses to learn because she enjoys being a passenger.

Reports claim Kate Beckinsale might not have to drive and instead the scenes will be mocked up. So, what’s more expensive: Kate learning to drive, or special effects making it appear she’s driving? Apparently, the former…

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