Tim Tebow Eyes Return To College Football In Lieu Of NFL Job?

Tim Tebow is apparently reviewing his options if the whole “being a quarterback in the National Football League” thing doesn’t pan out. The latest talk around Camp Tebow involves Tim returning to the stage where he originally rose to prominence: college football.

Not as a player, of course.

According to a report from NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Tim Tebow has hired a TV agent to explore the prospect of a career in broadcasting. Rapoport tweeted Sunday morning that Tebow has enlisted the services of Nick Khan with the Creative Artists Agency to represent him and that college football was the realm of interest.

This is the first public indication that Tim Tebow has considered the idea that he might not make it in the NFL and is willing to consider other options. While it may come as a blow to Tim Tebow fans everywhere, keeping all his options open is the right thing to do and shows that wisdom is one of the popular quarterback’s many positive attributes.

Nevertheless, for all its inherent wisdom, the choice is a perplexing one; as someone who’s maintained his passion for playing in the NFL as a QB as his main focus, Tim Tebow would rather hang up his cleats than consider changing positions or playing in the lower echelons of football in order to prove to uninterested NFL general managers that he deserves a spot on the big stage. Bear in mind, this is all conjecture until Tim Tebow makes some kind of public statement on the issue, but it certainly does seem to be how the stars are aligning.

On the other side of the situation, Tim Tebow would make an excellent college football broadcaster. Tim is a well-spoken young man and has a clear understanding of college football; they don’t give out those Heisman Trophies to just anyone. And no matter what conference he’d be assigned to or on what network—although SEC games on a four-letter network seems the most likely, Tebow’s devoted fans would turn out in droves to hear him call a game.

What do you think of Tim Tebow, broadcaster? Would you like to see Tim Tebow keep trying to play in the NFL?

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