‘Star Wars’ And ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Combine Forces [Video]

A Star Wars mashup with Super Smash Bros. has hit YouTube for an interesting retelling of the original movie, this time with Nintendo’s flagship characters.

The film franchise that George Lucas created with help from Steven Spielberg has been redone so many times we’ve lost count. Parodies and mashups have appeared everywhere, from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs (which has become a classic in its own right), to a series of LEGO video game adventures, and even parodies made by the creators of Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

This YouTube video is an eight minute mashup with the characters from famous Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and countless others in an action packed plethora of Star Wars references.

James Farr has done a few other Nintendo character retellings of various movies and cartoons as well, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters films. He even combined Doctor Who with Back to the Future.

The video begins with Princess Toadstool blowing the dust out of a gold NES cartridge and inserting it into R2D2 with mushroom décor on his head.

Darth Vader is a horned monster accompanied by smaller white horned monsters who take the princess and chase R2D-Toad. R2D-Toad and a gold droid make their escape through a Super Mario pipe and then find themselves on Tatooine, where Link is Luke Skywalker. Link buys the droids, but R2D-Toad immediately runs off to the owl from The Legend of Zelda, who gives Link a lightsaber style sword.

The owl tells Link he needs help, and they run off to a tavern to find Mario, doubling as Han Solo, with Donkey Kong as Chewbacca. They make their way to outer space where the Princess refuses to say where the rebel base is. The commander responds by using a Wii Remote to blow up her home planet.

The entire Star Wars and Super Smash Bros. mashup video is packed with references back and forth. What do you think of it?

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