One Direction Fans Lash Out At Singer James Arthur On Twitter

When you pick on One Direction, you’re essentially picking on millions of their fans.

“No More Drama” singer James Arthur learned this lesson the hard way after making some not-too-friendly comments about the group on Twitter. Although it’s unclear what prompted the guy to lash out at the band, he soon discovered that it’s not a good idea to pick on anyone with legions of dedicated and very vocal supporters.

According to the Express, James Arthur made the disparaging comments about One Direction on his official page last week. Judging from his comments, he seems to have a problem with boy bands in general.

“F*** boybands! Bring on the hate I don’t wanna be popular. Apart from JLS who are genuinely the coolest people I’ve met in music,” the singer tweeted.

Once the hate started pouring in on the micro-blogging site, Arthur attempted to defend his comments about One Direction and boy bands. Despite taking part in The X Factor, the singer said he doesn’t care for “markets” and “business.” However, it’s doubtful he had any issues cashing his paychecks.

Arthur said:

“If you are now not a fan of me because of how honest I am then your (you are) not a fan that I want anyway… I don’t care for markets and business… I make music… Love it or hate it that’s your human right but if you were a fan and now you aren’t then be my guest and hate me I don’t care.”

The Huffington Post explains that several of Arthur’s tweets were later deleted. However, this wasn’t before several One Direction fans called him out for being rude towards their favorite band. Instead of letting the issue go, the singer decided to continue his Twitter rant.

He continued:

“You are all correct I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for Louis Tomlinson… Not the years of working hard in the real world. Look, I do appreciate their help but like a lot of people… When I said 1D were about marketing certain members of the band turned on me too… I meant no offence and they were pretty awful to me too I don’t suffer them or pretend to like… I have nothing against One Direction fans or the band itself I have an issue with one member… they insulted me when I had nothing against them so now I don’t pull any punches when I’m asked. [They] just said some things via text and the things that were said warrant my dislike for them so that’s it… I’m not being ungrateful.”

Are you a fan of One Direction? What do you think about singer James Aruthur’s recent tweets about the band?

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