2010 NFL Draft one year later: Buffalo Bills

A year ago I decided to judge the Buffalo Bills 2010 draft class based on their front office plan for this team. Since it now appears that this front office has no plan I can be a little harsher on them. To be fair this is a group that has some potential, and the players selected a year ago will likely see larger roles on a rebuilding club. We can partially save judgment based on that, but their front office has got to get it together.

A quick look at the 2010 Bills Draft Class:

  • Round One- RB CJ Spiller
  • Round Two- DT Torrell Troup
  • Round Three- DE Alex Carrington
  • Round Four- WR Marcus Easley
  • Round Five- T Ed Wang
  • Round Six- LB Arthur Moats
  • Round Six- LB Danny Batten
  • Round Seven- QB Levi Brown
  • Round Seven- G Kyle Calloway

So Spiller had a up and down year, but figures to be a playmaker on this offense. I think they will find better ways to use him in 2011. Troup made 23 tackles and the hope is he develops into the nose tackles their 3-4 defensive scheme needs. Carrington did not play much early in the season but showed some flash. Easley went down early with an injury. Wang was also injured but projects as a starting RT. They moved Moats from DE to OLB and he will need some time to prove useful there. Batten spent the year on injured reserve, and Calloway was cut in training camp. Brown was cut early on but came back as teh third string QB.

Right now this draft feels very average, but still has a lot of upside. If the front office can come up with a viable plan for this team, and use the pieces already in place they should be pretty well off.

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