EE Launches 1 Petabyte Data Plans

In the US, it is common to hear complaints about the lack of unlimited data and the cost at which each gigabyte comes but for businesses in the UK, those complaints may soon become scarce. The UK’s first 4G LTE carrier, EE, has launched its new petabyte data plans, intended for business that want to purchase bundles of data at a time.

Not only do these new “Super Plans” provide tons of data, but they also come without expiry dates, contract periods, or sharing fees. For must data-centered businesses, these plans will be the absolute best alternative to regular cable data plans.

While the world’s first petabyte data plan is included with the “Super Plans” there are also cheaper options for 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB bundles.

By no means will these plans be cheap and although EE did not go into detail about all of its new plans, the petabyte tier will cost around £8 per gigabyte ($12.87.) This is compared to an average of £20 per gigabyte which is normally seen with individual or family plans.

In just one month, this would result in the businesses paying around £8.3 million, which is definitely not something that the average mid-size company can afford. Instead, massive data-centered companies will buy into these packages since they can provide mobile data service to thousands of employees.

When you break down this amount of data to what it actually provides, one petabyte would offer 13 years of HD video streaming. EE is lucky, however, as it currently has a strong hold over the consumer 4G LTE market in the UK and these new plans will help them take over the business market as well.

The Super Plans are not something that anyone can simply purchase and instead, EE will put together detailed and specific plans for each company that shows interest in having this amount of data available.

British businesses are transforming the way they work with new 4G mobile technology, cloud computing and collaboration tools. In light of these trends and with LTE-Advanced on the horizon, we forecast corporate data consumption will grow by 860 per cent over the next three years,

– Max Taylor, Director of Corporate Business at EE

Alongside these new plans, EE is trying to expand into numerous other sectors of the mobile market by testing a new 300Mbps network, which will be far faster than its current 4G LTE service which only provides speeds of 12-15 Mbps.

Armed with more spectrum holding, and subsequently more network capacity than any other UK operator, we are introducing our Super Bundles for businesses that want to transform mobile working for their employees and need a simple, scalable solution.

– Max Taylor

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