HBO Subscription Without Cable Being Tested

An HBO subscription without Cable is not only possible, but quietly being tested right now. Comcast’s owner Time Warner doesn’t want you to know that.

Why doesn’t Time Warner want you to know what HBO is testing? It’s very simple. Comcast partly needs HBO in order to stay a relevant Cable TV service, and if you discover you don’t need to pay for a premium Cable service to get HBO, Comcast could lose a lot of money.

HBO, on the other hand, doesn’t need Comcast in order to exist. Comcast is just a potentially expensive channel through which they offer their service. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can still get HBO. This is why Time Warner doesn’t want you to know what HBO is doing.

The HBO subscription without Cable is being tested with a new service much like Netflix and Hulu, which streams content directly to paying customers. New customers in select cities have been offered the chance to try an alternate deal where you can get broadband internet, Broadcast TV, and HBO with the “internet plus” package for only $50 a month.

That is a savings of over 50 percent off the average American’s Cable bill.

So why is HBO doing this? It’s because Netflix reportedly passed them in subscriber numbers, with upwards of 10 million households not paying for streaming TV as they just get internet. Unless you’re using a limited data plan WiFi hotspot, that is some massive savings.

The “internet plus” package includes broadband service, local channels, Streampix and HBO, and only charges up to $60 to include Cable TV channels like CNN and Comedy Central. After the first year, the price will be bumped up by 20 to 30 dollars. That’s still a better deal than paying for the premium Cable package with Comcast. HBO subscriptions without Cable are a good way to legitimately save money.

Many customers are choosing to “cut the cord” with their Cable TV service when they discover they can simply watch TV online. This is done either through a subscription service or free streaming services hosting pirated copies. Some are even downloading shows directly using bit torrents. More and more people are choosing to go the cheaper route, and in this economy, can you blame them?

With a quietly discounted price, it’s obvious why Time Warner doesn’t want you to know about the HBO subscription without Cable.

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