Miami Dolphins Come Out In Support Of Teammate, It’s Not Who You Think

The players of the embattled Miami Dolphins are speaking up in defense of their teammate, but it’s not who you might think.

On Wednesday, players addressed the harassment accusations with the media and many of them had words of support for…Richie Incognito. Really?

Listening to the Dolphins talk about what a great guy Incognito is and a player you want on your side you would think there is no controversy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Their teammate Jonathan Martin didn’t agree with the great words of praise and left the team abruptly, later accusing Incognito of bullying him.

Martin reportedly checked himself into a hospital for emotional problems stemming from his dealings with Incognito and others.

Some players now appear to be turning on Martin in favor of the alleged bully.

Even though the allegations haven’t been proven, there are documents that back them up, stating Incognito sent repeated harassing texts to Martin, even using the N-word in one of them.

The documents were turned over to Miami Dolphins management by Martin’s reps on Sunday.

Coach Joe Philbin is in tune with the majority of the players in thinking there are no problems in the locker room and hasn’t said much aside from explaining that an investigation is underway to look into Martin’s accusations. Philbin spoke to the media on Wednesday.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, appointed New York lawyer Ted Wells on Wednesday to investigate the allegations that Incognito bullied his teammate, Jonathan Martin.

But the more troubling aspect now is that the players in the Miami Dolphins seem to be upset that Martin has somehow brought to light what exactly was happening behind closed doors.

The “culture” in the NFL is that boys will be boys, so some toughness is expected, however, when a grown man decides to take off and leave his team because his personal situation is so bad he can’t take it anymore, then there is a problem.

Richie Incognito, who has been suspended from the team indefinitely, has a reputation for being a tough guy, and has had violent episodes while at Nebraska when he allegedly made a teammate leave the field.

TMZ unearthed a video in which he is seen going on a crazy rant, swearing over and over again while seemingly walking in circles completely out of control.

But many of the players painted a different picture of Incognito.

Ryan Clabo, who moved into a starting job when Martin left the team last week, criticized him saying, “I don’t think what happened was necessary,” he said. “I don’t know why he’s doing this. And the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin.”

According to the Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Incognito and Martin were ‘best friends”:

“I think if you asked Jon Martin a week before who his best friend on the team was, he would say Richie Incognito,” he said. “Richie said Jonathan is like his little brother. He gave him a hard time, he messed with him, but he was the first one to have his back in any situation. It’s a big surprise what is going on.”

Jonathan Martin’s stay at the hospital was brief and he is now reportedly with his parents in California. His father, Gus told Omg!Insider, “He’s a strong man. He’s doing fine.”

The Miami Dolphins are in damage control mode after the bullying scandal broke, but things don’t look good for the team that seems to have some underlying problems in their locker room.

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