Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Made Kris Jenner Cry

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape made Kris Jenner cry, apparently.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer had lied about how her daughter’s sex tape affected her before just to save face. Initially Kris Jenner said she was behind the whole thing, when the truth was that it broke her heart.

A lot has gone through the lives of Kris Jenner and her ever famous family this past year.

Khloe Kardashian had to divorce Lamar Odom because he had cheated on her in a drug-fueled haze. Then just when things started looking good for the couple, he was allegedly caught “wasted on Tequila” at a club, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Kris Jenner herself had to deal with a divorce while her soon-to-be ex Bruce Jenner was telling everybody how much happier he was without her, and then he turned around and allegedly said he wanted to be a woman.

Kendall Jenner had barely turned 18 when the porn offers started flying in.

Now Kim Kardashian’s sex tape has come back to the spotlight just in time for Kanye West to propose to her publicly at AT&T Park.

Kris Jenner has had a lot to deal with, trying to maintain a family with all of this going on. Her daughter’s earlier escapade with then-boyfriend Ray J was the spark that started her emotional breakdown, and the flames of turmoil haven’t stopped burning, it seems.

The TV producer has also stated that she wishes the media would stop making her family out to be a circus for headlines, “You should sit on it and rotate because the stuff that you say consistently about the family just isn’t true. I know it’s a fabulous creative writing assignment, but you’ve gotta stop.”

It must be hard to maintain damage control for Kris Jenner and her family. She has even tried to shoot down rumors that her family has no acting talent, but with such a horribly rated job as the host of the Kris Jenner Show, one has to wonder if she’s really any judge of talent. She has even stated that being the manager of her own family, she doesn’t get paid half of what they do.

We only know that if being seen naked in a video is what Kim Kardashian became famous for, she will be stuck on the celebrity shelf right next to Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. That is just how the tabloids work.

On Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, Kris Jenner has stated:

“I had to go into a room and cry for a couple days and say, ‘Ok, pull yourself [together] because you have to be here for all these kids and your family, and you have to show them as an example how to get through this’.”

In the end, it doesn’t seem like Kris Jenner has been taking all of this family drama so well, especially after Kim Kardashian’s sex tape made her cry.

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