Jennifer Lawrence Chops Off Her Hair, Joins The Pixie Parade

Jennifer Lawrence has decided to join the pixie parade! Lawrence who’s known for her long luminous blonde locks has decided to chop her hair off for a sporty new pixie cut. It’s a cut that has experienced some rejuvenated popularity in the recent years among celebrities. In the last few weeks a few celebrities have received some attention for chopping off their signature locks.

Of those celebrities that have debuted their new short pixie looks are Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jennifer Hudson. Now it’s Jennifer Lawrence‘s turn to show her new haircut. The pixie isn’t a look that anyone can pull off, but Lawrence definitely does. Call it having major confidence, or just terrific bone structure, but Lawrence’s new look matures the actress beyond her 23 years, and creates a sharp look for her ever-changing style.

The Hunger Games star decided to debut her look to the world via her public Facebook page. A candid moment of Jennifer Lawrence in what appears to be a charter plane was captured for all to see. Going by the photo Lawrence looks extremely pleased with the side swept pixie cut, and for good reason. We bet her short hair has eliminated time from her routine beauty regimen in the morning. As we all know, even charming starlets’ like Lawrence need their beauty sleep.

An insider close to the actress told US Weekly about Lawrence’s new pixie cut:

“It’s short and drastic. [It’s] kind of a punk pixie cut that has a few longer pieces on one side but is shorter everywhere else.”

According to a source in Atlanta, where the Hunger Games’ Mockingjay is being shot, Lawrence’s stylist Riawna Capri chopped off Jennifer Lawrence’s hair a few weeks ago. Capri is currently a stylist at West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One Salon.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s new pixie cut and dye job?

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