Reese Witherspoon says Robert Pattinson is a ‘dirty’ boy

Reese Witherspoon disclosed some not-so-flattering opinions about Twilight star and former Cedric Diggory Robert Pattinson to press recently.

Pattinson and Witherspoon are an on-screen couple in the upcoming film Water for Elephants, and Witherspoon said Pattinson’s hygiene leaves something to be desired. She did qualify it by calling “boys” in general filthy creatures, though:

“Well, it’s a boy thing, right? To have dirty fingernails and dirty hair, and his clothes were dirty all the time,” Reese said. “It was a nice escape for him to be tan and in the sun all the time instead of the vampire gear.”

Overall, Reese said, R.Pattz is a total professional:

”He’s dedicated. And he loves what he does… It’s amazing, he got such an incredible opportunity so young and he intends to use every bit of it to make creative choices from here on out.”

Pattinson didn’t make any comments about his co-star’s hygiene, and described her in slightly more flattering terms:

“I don’t know if she puts an effort into creating a nice aura, but her mood dissipates over the whole set. It was a completely different environment from when she wasn’t there,” Rob explained. “All the kids and the animals were just drawn to her.”

Water for Elephants is due out in late April.

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