Cher Believes Sonny Bono’s Spirit Is Living In Her Home

Cher lost ex-husband Sonny Bono in 1998 when he struck a tree while skiing and was killed, but the “Believe” singer thinks Sonny is still present in her home.

In an interview after her recent guest appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Cher said she thinks the spirit of Sonny Bono is still alive inside her home.

“I think he’s screwing with my chandelier… just one chandelier that I have. It goes on in the middle of the night when the switch is down, on and up, on and up, and it would just be like him to do it. I just get this little feeling.”

Cher said the ghostly presence isn’t frightening to her.

“It’s a friendly person,” she added.

On Monday the contestants on Dancing With the Stars danced to Cher’s biggest hits, including the Sonny and Cher duet “I Got You Babe.” Leah Remini and partner Tony Dovolani danced to the song, creating an interpretation of how Sonny and Cher met in a coffee shop in the early 1960s.

“It was really, really sweet to see an interpretation of something that touched my heart. It was very nostalgic,” Cher said.

The tribute came just a few days after Cher generated some controversy with an ill-timed joke about her late ex-husband. In a Facebook chat with fans, she was fielded questions about her career and upcoming “Farewell” tour.

“If Sonny Bono were still alive today, but you only had a minute to talk to him, what would you say?” one fan asked.

“How hot is it where you just came from?” Cher joked.

Not everyone seemed to get the joke, and a number of news outlets ran with a story that Cher believed her ex-husband was in hell.

But in case her true feelings were unclear, a few questions later she said that she missed him greatly.

“I think about him a lot sometimes,” Cher said. “There are things about him that I miss.”

Sonny and Cher were married in 1964 and rose to fame the following year with two hit songs, “Baby Don’t Go” and “I Got You Baby.” They performed together through the 1960s and into the following decade. In the 1970s they moved into television with two top 10 shows, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and The Sonny & Cher Show.

Sonny and Cher ended their career together in 1975 when they divorced, but remained close.

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