Kanye West Sues YouTube Co-Founder, Wants To Coach Soccer

Headline makers Kanye West and Kim Kardashian want their privacy back and have sued the co-founder of the biggest online video outlet to get it.

No, seriously.

Stemming from the release of their engagement highlights in late October, West and his future wife filed suit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley in Los Angeles Superior Court last Thursday afternoon. Mind you, the event was staged, but apparently Hurley was a tag-along and released the footage after signing a non-disclosure agreement about the proceedings. Kanye West may not be a legal scholar, but he’s got the dough to afford the best counsel around. The lawsuit, courtesy of Hollywood Reporter, states that “Hurley did these things out of desperation,” unable to reach his elusive “second act,” and with clear intent to broadcast it on his new site, Mixbit. The relief Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seek includes actual, compensatory and punitive damages.

The monetary damages notwithstanding, the lawsuit reads like a backhand slap from Kanye West himself. Well, maybe a more urbane Kanye West. Either way, West and Wifey have Hurley on paper and seemingly over a barrel. The use of the footage constitutes appropriation, given that Hurley profited from Kim and Kanye’s celebration in an unauthorized fashion. While it may at first seem at odds with their attention-seeking natures, Kanye and Kim do have a reasonable expectation of privacy for moments like these.

In other Kanye and Kim news, Yeezy let it be known he wants to be there to help daughter North West excel in sports. Speaking to 97.1 Amp Radio in Los Angeles, West also dished on sprucing up his ride.

“Even when I’m thinking about things I’m doing for the future, how can I set it up so I can just be my daughter’s soccer coach? How can I put myself in that position?” West asked.

“I’m going to be a soccer coach. I’m definitely going to design the uniforms… I gotta redesign a minivan,” Kanye added.

It’s safe to say little North West’s team will play harder, better, faster and stronger.

What do you think about the Kanye and Kim lawsuit? Would Kanye West make a good soccer coach? Can you imagine Kanye in a minivan?

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