‘Desolation Of Smaug’ Sneak Peek Premieres At The #HobbitFanEvent

Desolation Of Smaug is picking up the pre-release PR campaign with a new sneak peek clip, which was introduced by director Peter Jackson himself at the #HobbitFanEvent on Monday.

Thousands of fans all around the world and online attended the much anticipated event to watch cast members and Jackson answer questions about the upcoming second installment in The Hobbit trilogy, Desolation Of Smaug.

They weren’t disappointed, although, the online fans might have been a tad jealous that they didn’t get to see the full event.

In any case, Peter Jackson, who is adored by fans for precisely this sort of special event, was seen barefoot on stage in Wellington, talking about his new film and shared a new video blog with behind-the-scenes footage never seen before.

Cast members attending the presentation were Richard Armitage (Thorin), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman), Lee Pace (Thranduil), Andy Serkis (Gollum), Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel), Jed Brophy (Nori), and of course, Peter Jackson.

Several fans had the opportunity to ask questions and host, Anderson Cooper also read one or two questions sent by fans online.

In the new clip for Desolation Of Smaug, which has been posted for all to see, the story unfolds dramatically as the dwarves continue their quest and are oh-so-close to their long lost home of Erebor, which has been taken away and destroyed by the dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch).

We also get to see a few of the characters who were not present in the first installment An Unexpected Journey, including Bard, Thranduil, Tauriel, and Legolas. Not much is seen of Smaug, who the director is keeping very close to his chest.

Stunning music by Howard Shore accompanies the clip that gives us peeks into action packed, dramatic scenes in which Tolkien’s characters face-off against each other.

By all accounts, the #HobbitFanEvent was as successful as expected as thousands around the world were able to attend in person at the theaters selected, while countless others waited for the stars outside the different locations.

If you were watching, you know what we mean. If you weren’t, you can imagine.

Luke Evans and Jed Brophy took to Twitter to share about the #HobbitFanEvent:

Desolation Of Smaug opens in theaters on December 13. Stay tuned.

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