Tom Hanks’ Broker Scams Actor, Sentenced To Prison

Here’s a tip – If you’re working for Tom Hanks you better not try to pull the wool over his eyes. In the end it will only end up with you kicking yourself. In the case of Tom Hanks’ ex-broker he landed himself in federal prison.

According to reports, Tom Hanks’ Southern California insurance broker, Jerry Goldman, overcharged Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, hundreds of thousands of dollars for his services from 1998 to 2011. City News Services reports that Goldman has landed himself in prison for a 27-month sentence. That’s not all, as it’s said that Goldman has to pay the Hanks family $840,000 in restitution in addition to his time in prison.

Tom Hanks isn’t the only celebrity that Jerry Goldman ripped off. The 60-year-old also scammed The Police guitarist Andy Summers as well. In April it all caught up with him and he pleaded guilty to mail fraud which involved Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson.

A Thousand Oaks native, Jerry Goldman had reportedly inflated premiums by 600 percent, and did this by creating fake invoices to hide his scams from his clients. Apparently you just don’t mess with Tom Hanks, because eventually everything came to a head.

Tom Hanks has had quite the year. The actor revealed earlier in the month that he had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes during an appearance on Late Show With David Letterman. The actor was on the show to promote his latest film Captain Phillips and revealed the news through his signature humor. It has been speculated that Hanks’ yo yo dieting for work contributed to his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

In 1992 he gained a whopping 30 pounds for A League of Their Own, and lost 26 pounds for his Academy Award winning role in Philadelphia. In 2000 he was at it again when he lost more than 50 pounds for his role in Cast Away.

Hopefully Tom Hanks has a more peaceful 2014.

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