Breatharianism Cult Leader Jasmuheen Advocates Living Without Food Or Water, But Why?

The Breatharianism cult is a mysterious “religion.” Some might question whether Breatharianism is real as a religion. But why does it’s leader Jasmuheen advocate living without food or water?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michelle Pfeiffer recently admitted she was a Breatharian in her early 20’s.

Leader of the cult of Breatharianism, Jasmuheen, claims to be an “Ambassador of Peace, International lecturer, author and leading researcher into pranic living”. But what about this no food and water bit? What is the justification for telling spiritual seekers to go without? According to Jasmuheen’s website, the reasons are laid out:

“A breatharian is said to be someone who never eats or drinks as they can exist on cosmic micro-food. These people exist but are rarely public unless it is their service to be so. However there are also now many people who can choose to be nourished directly from prana and no longer need to take physical food yet most of these people – like myself – still choose to drink for various reasons.”

Aside from the interesting claims the Breatharianism cult makes, what is the real story and why is anyone even paying attention to Jasmuheen? Unfortunately, this sort of thing could cause damage on many levels. For one, those with eating disorders may find this sort of promise intriguing, creating a dangerous enabling situation.

Jasmuheen’s blatant theft of Eastern spiritual principles is also a source of potential ire in many religious communities. A video explaining the principles of Breatharianism is all over the charts, with flashing images of several Judaic religions, before diving into the virtues of “inedia”, Latin for fasting and a Catholic purification practice. This apparently core concept is related to multiple religions traditions, ending the mish mash by claiming members can subsist on prana, a Hindu concept of life force, or alternatively sunlight, an Ayurvedic source of prana. “Inediates”, supposedly able to sustain themselves of sunlight, make up Breatharianism.

But this concept does actually have a precedence in other religions. A fasting lifestyle in Catholicism claims that certain saints were able to survive for extended periods of time without any food or water other than the Eucharist. But the goal was never to subsist entirely without.

In reality, the Breatharianism cult has produced no apparent good, and a good deal of harm. In 1999, Breatharian Verity was up for that year’s Darwin Award. Verity was attending a 21 day “cleansing” in the Scottish Highlands with cult leader Jasmuheen. She had no food or drink for seven days, followed by another 14 days with nothing but sips of water. The goal, of course, was to master the art of “pranic feeding,” surviving on inhaled carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. She died from hypothermia and dehydration, aggravated by lack of food. Verity had claimed to have mastered “pranic feeding” by feeding on “liquid air” since 1993, with the occasional herbal tea and chocolate biscuit, naturally.

Breatharianism’s Jasmuheen said that her death was not due to physical need, rather a failure to satisfy spiritual needs brought about by a battle with her own ego. Others might argue she earned that Darwin Award, unfortunately.

But it’s exactly this kind of thing that most would agree is dangerous. Three followers have died in direct relation to Jasmuheen’s “seminars” and another related directly to Breatharian teachings. Jasmuheen of course denies any wrongdoing, and places the blame on followers:

“If you haven’t found the light that will nourish you, you may have the intention to become a breatharian, but in fact you may be putting yourself through food deprivation. There is one known case where a person died when trying to become a breatharian.”

So what do you think, ready to live on some sunlight with the Breatharianism cult? Sunbathing is fun and all, but I think I’ll stick to solids myself…

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