Amber Riley: DWTS Success ‘Shocking’ To Former ‘Glee’ Star

For Amber Riley, Dancing With The Stars was apparently expected to be a short term venture so she’s “shocked” she’s still on.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Amber Riley has been leading the pack on DWTS after leaving Glee last year.

Even Snooki has been sent packing from DWTS, so that must say something positive about Amber Riley’s performance so far. If anything, Amber Riley seems the most surprised:

“In the beginning, like when we did the jive, there were times we would run through the dance and after we were done I would literally just lay on the ground. I am genuinely shocked I am doing as well as I am. But I’m the type of person that if I feel something is going to defeat me, I am going to want to do it.”

Amber Riley has been trying to lose weight and working out in order to do better in the competition. It’s been tough and she’s jokingly complained that her “spending [is] a little worse” due to having to buy smaller size clothing to match her new figure.

Despite all this hard work, Amber Riley is nervous about her upcoming DTWS performance:

“There are moves that frustrate me and tears well up in my eyes, but I am taking this experience and I’m going for it. I’m going to do every single thing… and try not to pass out.”

In addition to her dancing career, Amber Riley’s singing career might be taking off, as well. She was asked to perform at the BET Black Girls Rock special and she performed her rendition of I Am Woman by Helen Reddy.

What do you think about Amer Riley’s DWTS performances?

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