Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn Heading To ‘The Mindy Project’

It’s only been a few weeks after the series finale of Breaking Bad aired, but it doesn’t look like the talented cast is sitting pretty. It was just announced that Skylar White is moving to the medical field. Actress Anna Gunn is set to guest star on Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project which airs on Fox.

While many Breaking Bad fans disliked Skylar White, it looks like Anna Gunn won’t have to worry about being disliked on The Mindy Project. Gunn will join the show as doctor Mindy Lahiri’s idol, Shelia Hamilton. As Shelia, Anna Gunn is referred to as “the Tory Burch of Manhattan OB/GYNs.” It’s said that Gunn will make her appearance as the kick butt doctor on the thirteenth episode, and will help out Mindy who hasn’t had the best time with her failed romances.

Anna Gunn’s episode on The Mindy Project is described as follows:

“A high-profile doctor who treats an exclusive clientele made up of New York’s rich and famous, the glamorous, powerful and philanthropic Sheila will try and poach Mindy from Danny (Chris Messina), Jeremy (Ed Weeks) and the rest of the gang over at Shulman & Associates.”

Recently Anna Gunn has tasted the fruits of her labor as she took home her first Emmy win for her work as Walter White’s suffering “ball and chain” on the AMC drama Breaking Bad. Before her Emmy win, Gunn didn’t stand for the overwhelming negative reaction her character had received in the series, which led to an op-ed written by Anna titled “I Have a Character Issue.” At the time the actress wrote:

“As an actress, I realize that viewers are entitled to have whatever feelings they want about the characters they watch, but as a human being, I’m concerned that so many people react to Skyler with such venom.”

Anna Gunn isn’t the only actor from Breaking Bad who has moved on to other projects. Betsy Brandt who played Gunn’s sister, can be seen on NBC’s Michael J. Fox sitcom, while everyone’s favorite meth dealer, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, has wrapped a few film projects.

Do you think Anna Gunn will fit in on The Mindy Project?

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