2009 NFL draft two years out: Carolina Panthers

In 2009 for the second straight year the Carolina Panthers did not have a first round pick. In this case the Panthers treaded their first round pick to Philadelphia in 2008 so they could draft Jeff Otah. Then they traded away a 2010 first round pick to move up and draft Everette Brown. For me it looks like the Panthers made a lot of trades, and did not get enough in return for that work.

Here is a quick look at the 2009 Panthers draft class:

  • Round Two (43rd)- DE Everette Brown
  • Round Two (59th)- FS Sherrod Martin
  • Round Three (93rd)- DT Corvey Irvin
  • Round Four (11th)- RB Mike Goodson
  • Round Four (128th)- FB Tony Flammetta
  • Round Five (163rd)- G Duke Robinson
  • Round Seven (216th)- CB Captain Munnerlyn

Ok so we have to bring Jeff Otah into this discussion and also rate Brown as a first round pick as this team gave up a lot for the right to draft him. Just two years into his career Otah has had numerous knee problems and has missed significant playing time as well as being placed on injured reserve. Brown has been ok, but for the price that was paid for him he needed to be outstanding. Sherrod Martin is the starting free safety for this team and had a very good second year. Irvin is a backup DT, and Goodson remains the backup RB. Flammetta is a full back but has done little and Duke Robinson has done equally little. Munnerlyn was a pretty good late round pick and is a starting corner for this team.

The price they paid for Brown will forever drag down the quality of this draft class. In my mind they traded a bunch of picks over two drafts and did not get enough back for them. The fact that they will pick first in the 2011 draft seems to support that.

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