Hilary Duff Shoots Down Pregnancy Rumors, Remains Focused On Her New Album

Hilary Duff wants you to stop twisting her words whenever she gives an interview.

The singer and former Lizza Maguire star recently discussed her desire to have more children at some point in the future. Since she’s currently hard at work on her upcoming album, Duff isn’t too concerned about getting pregnant again right now. Besides, the actress’ hands are currently full with her 19-month-old son.

When asked if she would like to have more kids, Hilary Duff said she wouldn’t mind expanding her family down the road. In addition to having another son, the singer wouldn’t mind a daughter.

“If I had another boy, I would be happy, but I would like to try for a girl and I’m not sure that I want to have three kids,” she told the folks at People magazine.

Unfortunately for Duff, this harmless little statement was later twisted around by certain media outlets looking to generate traffic. It didn’t take long for this to catch Duff’s attention, forcing her to address the situation on Twitter. According to Gossip Cop, she’s more than a little steamed about the situation.

“I love that I do an interview and people ask if I want more kids.. I say yes. Not now [though] and all [of] a sudden I’m ‘trying’ for a girl. What? It’s ridiculous. The only baby I’m working on is my album,” she recently tweeted.

Instead of adding another child to her growing family, Duff is hard at work on an EDM-infused collection of tunes. If everything goes according to her master plan, the new album should arrive next year. The singer hasn’t released any new music since 2007’s Dignity.

“I’m exploring a lot of cool options and don’t want to give a timeline yet but I promise exciting stuff is coming. I’m super into EDM. Definitely catchy hooks I’ve always cared a lot about lyrics and love to dance,” Hilary Duff explained back in August.

The singer continued, “I’m going to focus on my music. It’s been a long time coming. I’m finally buckling down and getting in the studio. I really miss touring. I really miss connecting with my fans in that way.”

To clarify: Hilary Duff isn’t working on a new baby — she’s in the process of putting together another album. She’d really appreciate it if you’d lay off the pregnancy talk and allow her to do her thing. What do you think about the singer’s words getting twisted around?

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