OS X Mavericks Update Is Causing Sound And CPU Memory Issues For Some Users

The Apple Mavericks OS has been highly touted as a superb update for the Apple Mac line of devices. While most users, this author included, have found the OS to be worth the free upgrade, some are also experiencing a strange sleep-mode issue.

A slew of Apple Mavericks users are reporting that their computers no longer play sound after they upgrade to Mavericks and then take their computer out of sleep mode.

The problem appears to be occurring on 2013 Macbook’s and various threads regarding the issue are popping up all over the internet.

After the Macbook’s lose sound users are not able to turn the audio back on.

Other users are also claiming that the OS X Mavericks upgrade is causing their CPU usage to be eaten up and system logs are showing the following error.

28/10/13 03:46:27,000 kernel[0]: Sound assertion in AppleHDAController at line 5460

After my own upgrade my 2013 iMac started experiencing the very same CPU issue. With only Firefox and Sparrow email running I am regularly consuming 7GB to 7.78 GB of RAM use on an 8GB machine. My issue is resolved by a quick restart but then appears again after a short period.

The issues appear only to be affecting Haswell-based MacBooks, which includes the MacBook Air that was released earlier this year.

The audio issue has been solved by some users who have inserted and then removed headphones and by restarting their laptops.

You can also reset your PRAM but keep in mind that completing this process incorrectly can cause you to lose everything.

Apple has not commented on the Mavericks issue for audio problems or high CPU usage at this time.

Have you been experiencing any OS X Mavericks related upgrade issues since you made the free leap to the new Apple OS?

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