‘Star Trek 3’ Rumors Now Point To Joe Cornish As Director

Star Trek 3 rumors are pointing to its new director being Joe Cornish. After J.J. Abrams accepted the position to direct Star Wars Episode VII, he had left his previous position vacant. He can’t do Star Wars and Star Trek at the same time, most likely due to time restraints and conflict of interest, so the fans on both sides are likely relieved.

However, with nobody to direct the sequel to Star Trek Into Darkness, speculation has risen over who will take over. Despite some hatred from fans who thought the reboot sequel “wasn’t Star Trek enough,” the movie still earned enough to warrant another film.

There have been other series, though not reboots, which switched directors after the second film. Harry Potter still went strong afterward, even though the Batman series went seriously downhill. The director can make all the difference in the world, so as J.J. Abrams steps out after Star Trek Into Darkness, it is rumored that Star Trek 3 could be helmed by Joe Cornish.

Joe Cornish was the writer and director of Attack the Block, a film about inner city youths fighting off an alien invasion. He is also in charge of the screenplay for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of Ant-Man. What might make him a natural for directing Star Trek 3 is that his frequent collaborator Edgar Wright directed one scene from Star Trek Into Darkness.

The latter fact means that Joe Cornish might have some peripheral experience with the franchise, and possibly because of it, Paramount and Skydance Productions are hoping to land him as at least the main director for the next film in the series.

Don’t take it to mean that J.J. Abrams doesn’t want to direct the next Star Trek, because as previously reported by The Inquisitr, leaving the position was “bittersweet.”

Also rumored to direct Star Trek 3 are Rupert Wyatt, who J.J. Abrams himself suggested, and John M. Chu, who has stated that he won’t take the helm.

Who do you think should take over to direct Star Trek 3?

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