‘About Time’ Director Richard Curtis Is Ready To Call It Quits

About Time director Richard Curtis is ready to fold up his director’s chair.

Although the filmmaker only has three films under his cinematic belt, making motion pictures is clearly taking its toll on the guy. The 56-year-old Four Weddings and a Funeral writer recently announced that he doesn’t want to direct any more films.

“That’s my decision at the moment. I’m trying to pay attention to the message of ‘About Time,’ which is try and enjoy your life. Directing movies is only mildly enjoyable, and I think if I could spend 1,000 days on something, I’d rather spend it with my family,” he told the South China Morning Post.

The About Time director is also responsible for helming the acclaimed films Love, Actually and Pirate Radiio. While these films have their admirers, Curtis doesn’t think making movies is worth the hassle.

According to Worst Previews, Curtis spends a considerable amount of time wondering how great his life would be if he stopped directing features. However, the filmmaker said he still intends to keep writing. This is definitely good news for his fans.

Starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams, About Time tells the story of a man named Tim (Gleeson) who suddenly discovers that he has the ability to travel through time. Although he can’t alter the course of history, he discovers that he can make changes to his own life along the way.

In order to make his world a better place, our hero sets out to get a girlfriend (McAdams). After he meets the woman of his dreams, an unfortunate time-traveling events prevents them from ever meeting at all. According to the official synopsis, the movie’s message is about making the most out of the time you have with that special someone.

“I’ve tried to really write a film that isn’t only just about friends and love but about family and children and about losing members of your family, and about protecting members of your family,” the About Time director recently told Reuters.

The acclaimed filmmaker added, “If the movie has integrity it is because I actually believe it would be great to try and be happy every single day with very simple ingredients. I caught up with what I’m thinking about life.”

About Time opened in theaters across the US this weekend. If you’re a fan of Richard Curtis’ work, then this could be the last time you see something directed by the New Zealand-born filmmaker on the big screen.

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